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Key events

49ers 10-3 Chiefs, 11:46, 3rd quarter

Mahomes throws deep from his own end zone. 2nd & 10, Mahomes connects with Kelce for a nine-yard gain. 3rd and 1. The Chiefs take a timeout.

Beyoncé is in a commercial, because unlike Super Bowl halftime shows, advertisers are willing to shell out money to get superstars.

49ers 10-3 Chiefs, 12:39, 3rd quarter

Purdy’s first pass is incomplete. On the next play, a five-yard false start penalty puts them back five yards. On the next play, Purdy throws incomplete to Samuel. On 3rd and 15, Purdy scrambles for four yards and the Chiefs defense saves the Chiefs offense by forcing a three-and-out. They can’t even attempt a field goal here, so the 49ers punt. Wishnowsky’s punt pins the Chiefs at their own 2.

Interception! 49ers 10-3 Chiefs, 13:38, 3rd quarter

At the Kansas City 12, Mahomes throws deep and it’s interception by Ji’Ayir Brown at the Chiefs 44! Ooh my goodness what a disaster start to the second half for Kansas City.

49ers 10-3 Chiefs, 14:15, 3rd quarter

Mahomes almost fumbles away the opening possession but Pacheco saves it and it’s only a two-yard loss. Whew! It’s 2nd and 22, Mahomes finds tight end Noah Gray who picks up 10 yards.

Start of the second half

49ers 10-3 Chiefs, 15:00, 3rd quarter

Moody’s kick is a touchback and the second half begins!

Email from Thomas Burke:

Travis Kelce steaming in all mob handed on veteran head coach Andy Reid was a Gerald Ratner moment.

Will Kelce’s outburst be remembered as the Chiefs’ being on tilt or as a moment that inspired Kansas City to pull of a second half comeback? Only time will tell.

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And we’re done here. I still wish they picked someone who brought a little bit more musical variety, but bringing the gang back together for Yeah! salvaged the show for me.

Now we can return to football talk.

Email from Oliver French:

Love how the non-football super bowl live blog has three authors and you’re alone covering the actual game. Keep up the good work and see you on draft night *Taylor swift heart hands*

Surely the Chiefs have to do a better job making halftime adjustments against a competent pass rush than they did against the Bucs? But on behalf of my friends and the Denver Broncos I’ll be hoping not.

I suspect that the Chiefs adjust and tie this up quickly in the third quarter and we’ll see.

I hope you do return for the Guardian’s NFL draft coverage even though I’ll be gone. I can tell you that I will not miss all the pre-draft homework I used to have to do!

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Email from Peter Oh:

Hi Hunter,

As far as overall entertainment value goes, this has been Purdy good so far.

It’s better now. Here’s Ludacris reminding us that his verse on Yeah! is one of the greatest features in R&B history. This is just a highpoint in 00s pop.

Updated at 

Lil’ Jon is here to save the day. “Turn Down For What” segues right into “Yeah!”

OK, this officially rules now.

Alicia Keys is here and she’s playing a bright red piano that looks like a leftover prop from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Is she not at least as equally famous as Usher? I’m very confused, to be honest.

Usher’s half-time show

He comes out in a bright white suit, like he’s R&B’s Tom Wolfe.

“They said I wouldn’t be here today.”

To be fair, I did because I thought they would get someone with significantly more clout here in 2024 but that’s what happens when you expect performers to show up for free.

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Email from Justin Kavanagh

In years to come, the sports part of pub quizzes will include this head scratcher: How did SF defensive lineman Dre Greenlaw suffer a non-contact injury on the sidelines of Super Bowl LVIII? Did he…

a/ Trip up over a pom-pom left around carelessly by a cheerleader?

b/ Step into a giant Gatorade-filled bucket prepared for the winning coach’s live TV interview, almost drowning?

c/Tear a calf muscle when his shoe became stuck on some discarded gum—at sprint speed?

d/Get distracted by Taylor Swift while stretching his glutes… and then couldn’t Shake it Off?

It’s a brutal, freak injury as it happened on the sidelines and not in the game. A bad update, it’s an Achilles injury so he will obviously not be returning to this game (or football for a very long time).

Email from Beau Dure:

Good evening, Hunter. So … we were all expecting a punter’s duel in this game, right?

It’s been a low-scoring game in this first half but I strongly believe that the Chiefs will adjust in the second half. Keep in mind because they deferred at the start of the game, they will have the ball start the second half and that’s a golden opportunity to change the game’s momentum.

With Usher’s half-time show about to start, this is a perfect time to remind everybody that our Everything But the Game blog will be covering it in greater detail that we will! I will not be offended if you would prefer to switch over until the football game resumes.

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Half-time thoughts

The match’s traffic at the line of scrimmage reminds me of trying to get from one end of Fremont Street to the other @HunterFelt.

Then the 49ers pull out a ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ move – the equivalent of tipping the car on to two wheels.

— Gary Naylor 85 (@garynaylor85) February 12, 2024

That trick play by the 49ers that resulted in the game’s sole touchdown was certainly the impact play of the first half. Should the 49ers hang on here, that will certainly be the play of the game.

However, the Detroit Lions could tell you that a lot can happen in a second half and a one-touchdown lead on a Patrick Mahomes-led offense is normally as good as a tie.

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The Guardian won’t be spending $7m on a Super Bowl ad in 2024. (Probably not in 2025 either.)

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49ers 10-3 Chiefs, end of the first half

The 49ers have 20 seconds to work with here before halftime. Butker’s kick is a touchback. On the next play, McCaffrey picks up six yards and the 49ers decide to just let the clock run out.

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Email from David Good:

Hi Hunter,

Hope you’re having a fun Super Bowl. Obviously, it’s early in the game, but if KC don’t score a TD in this game, they’d be the only team to not score a TD in the Super Bowl twice. The previous time was also with Andy Reid and Mahomes (and also had some drinks related mishaps in the build-up), their loss to Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay.


This is not going to happen but it’s a testament to San Francisco’s defense here that they’ve kept Mahomes from the end zone.

Field goal! 49ers 10-3 Chiefs, 0:20, 2nd quarter

The TV people lied to me about the time. It’s really 1:09 left on the clock not 1:03. Oh wait, I guess the refs added six seconds. Whatever: the point is that it’s not my fault. On the next play, Mahomes finds Rice for a three-yard gain. They’re at the San Francisco 11. Rice picks up two yards. 3rd and 5. Oof, there’s another big play from San Francisco: Mahomes gets sacked by Arik Armstead for a yard. It’s 4th and 6. The 49ers take a timeout.

Harrison Bukner is out for a field goal attempt. The 28-yarder is good. The 49ers keep the Chiefs out of the end zone, but Kansas City is at least on the board.

49ers 10-0 Chiefs, 1:09, 2nd quarter

Rice picks up six yards. That’s good for a first down. Mahomes finds Rice again, who gets to the San Francisco 14. With a fresh set of downs in the red zone, the Chiefs will take a timeout.

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49ers 10-0 Chiefs, 1:40, 2nd quarter

On 3rd and 4, there’s a false start penalty on Hardman, which turns it into 3rd and 9. Mahomes however finds Justin Watson for a 21-yard gain. There’s also a defensive holding penalty on San Francisco’s Warner, but they’ll decline that obviously.

1st and 10 at the San Francisco 49. Watson drops Mahomes’ throw. That’s incomplete. 2nd and 10. Mahomes throws to Pacheco, who picks up eight yards. 3rd and 2 on the San Francisco 39.

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Email from Jenifer Divine:

Although i might be a bit optimistic on the points, I’m certainly pleased by the 49ers defense, they’re really throwing the Chiefs off their rhythm …

They’ve been the MVPs so far, let’s see if they can keep the Chiefs off the board before half-time!

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49ers 10-0 Chiefs, 2:00, 2nd quarter

Clyde Edwards-Helaire is stuffed for no gain by Nick Bosa for no gain. They let the clock run down to the two-minute warning.

49ers 10-0 Chiefs, 3:10, 2nd quarter

Somebody just made a lot of money on Jennings throwing for the first touchdown of the Super Bowl. Chiefs really need to score something here just for momentum reasons because the 49ers’ running game can really eat up the clock if they get separation.

Pacheco gets the ball again at the Chiefs’ 25 after a touchback. He picks up eight yards. 2nd and 2, Pacheco picks up six yards for a first down. 1st and 10, Mahomes finds Pacheco once again, another six-yard gain.

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Touchdown! 49ers 10-0 Chiefs, 4:23, 2nd quarter

Purdy throws incomplete, but Sneed stuffs Samuel for no gain. He’s trying to make up for his penalty. 2nd and 10, Purdy gets the ball to receiver Jauan Jennings who finds McCaffrey under pressure. McCaffrey’s wide open and runs in for a touchdown. Moody’s extra point is good! There’s your trick play and there’s your first touchdown of the Super Bowl!

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49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 4:34, 2nd quarter

1st and 10. Elijah Mitchell gets his first carry of the game and it’s a good one. He manages seven yards. 2nd and 3 at the Chiefs’ 37. On the next play, there’s a flag on the play that gives San Francisco a fresh set of downs. Sneed gets called for unnecessary roughness. It’s the right call and puts the 49ers at the Chiefs’ 21.

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49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 6:22, 2nd quarter

Purdy gets nothing on first down, but on 2nd and 10 Purdy finds Samuel for a 12-yard gain. That’s a first down. McCaffrey gets six yards on his first carry and gets a first down on his next carry. 49ers already at the Chiefs’ 44.

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49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 7:49, 2nd quarter

It’s a three-and-out for the Chiefs after a 10-yard penalty on Mahomes for intentional grounding puts them in a hole! Townsend’s punt will put the 49ers at their own 33. Not bad starting position for them.

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Email from Ben Y:

Hey hunter,

Usually on these MBMs for football, rugby, cricket or pretty much anything we get the line ups and subs benches.

Any reason this doesn’t happen for American football? Any chance you could post them?

It doesn’t happen because there are a lot of players on both sides and substitutions are rather frequent and the action goes by very fast!

We do try to keep track of injuries and we have a bad one here, as San Francisco defensive lineman Dre Greenlaw suffered a non-contact injury on the side while getting ready to go in. He’s carted off with an achilles injury and is questionable to return.

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49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 9:26, 2nd quarter

McCaffrey gets stuffed for no gain on 2nd & 9. On the next play, Purdy gets sacked for four yards so the 49ers are going to punt. Richie James muffs the catch at the Kansas City 20 but recovers, so that’s where they will start.

49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 11:36, 2nd quarter

Purdy scambles on the first play and picks up nine yards but it’s a horse collar tackle on Nick Bolton so that’s a 15-yard penalty on Kansas City. 49ers at their own 32 with a fresh set of downs. On the next play, Samuel picks up a single yard.

Bryan Armen Graham

A Super Bowl record has fallen. San Francisco rookie kicker Jake Moody’s 55-yard field goal to open tonight’s scoring is the longest in the game’s nearly six-decade history. The other longest efforts:

  • 54 Steve Christie, Buffalo v Dallas, XXVIII

  • 53 Greg Zuerlein, LA Rams v New England, LIII

  • 52 Harrison Butker, Kansas City v Tampa Bay, LV

  • 52 Ryan Succop, Tampa Bay v Kansas City, LV

Email from Jenifer Divine:

Hi Hunter,

6th gen SF Bay Area native & lifelong 49ers fan, i think the Niners take this going away, 27-10.

That will require a bit more scoring than we’ve had so far in this first half but if any two teams are capable of that, it’s these two.

Fumble! 49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 11:59, 2nd quarter

Rice picks up four yards, the ball comes out but it’s recovered my Kansas City. That allows Mahomes to throw deep to Mecole Hardman for a 53-yard gain! They are at the San Francisco 9!

They are at San Francisco’s doorstep … and Pacheco fumbles! Oh my stars! Javon Hargrave will the recovery that prevents an almost certain touchdown! The 49ers will start at their own eight-yard line!

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49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 14:15, 2nd quarter

Jake “Not Jack, Hunter” Moody’s kick is a touchback. The Chiefs will start at their 25. Mahomes’s pass to Pacheco is good for a seven-yard gain. 2nd and 3, it’s Pacheco again. He picks up two yards. It’s 3rd and 1 at their own 34.

Field goal! 49ers 3-0 Chiefs, 14:38, 2nd quarter

Another wasted opportunity for San Francisco, Purdy throws to Samuel in the end zone, but Trent McDuffie knocks the pass away preventing a sure touchdown. This is a 55-yard field goal attempt for Jake Moody, not an automatic kicker.

He makes it! That’s a Super Bowl record for longest made field goal. Who would have had that being the first score of the game? The 49ers take an early lead.

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Email from Geoff Wignall

Hello Hunter

That fumble notwithstanding, the 49ers seem to have got their run game up and running nice and early. Must be a good ploy against a blitz heavy defence like the Chiefs.

49ers are absolutely outplaying the Chiefs on both sides of the ball, but a few costly mistakes have meant that this is still a nil-nil game. This is not usually a good sign when a team doesn’t take advantage of early opportunities and convert them into points.

I could be wrong though.

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, end of the 1st quarter

Another big gain, Purdy to Ray-Ray McCloud: a 19-yard gain. The 49ers are in Kansas City territory. Purdy throws to the end zone on the next play but it’s way too high. 2nd and 10, McCaffrey gets the ball but it’s for a loss, Felix Anudike-Uzomah takes him down for four yards to the Kansas City 37. We’re scoreless after a single quarter!

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 1:51. 1st quarter

Purdy finds McCaffrey for a yard, then throws incomplete to Samuel. On 3rd and 9, however, Purdy finds Chris Conley for an 18-yard gain! That’s definitely a first down and they’re nearly at midfield!

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 4:36, 1st quarter

McCaffery picks up seven yards on first down. Well, there’s a five-yard defensive offside call here, so it’s now 1st and 5 at the San Francisco 22, McCaffrey picks up three yards. On 2nd and 2, McCaffrey picks up four for another first down. 49ers are at their 29.

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Timely email from William Preston:

Hey Hunter!

I’m not at all convinced by the KC offence, here (or is it offense?). The 49ers looked like they were getting a proper stomp on over them. To prevail, they’re going to need some thrilling heroics out of the QB, and avoid those short passes.

Why is Paul Rudd?

Have a great one!

True, although credit must be given to the 49ers’ defense here as well.

Updated at 

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 3:53, 1st quarter

Pacheco picks up 10 yards here. On the next play, Chase Young chases down Mahomes for a four-yard loss. 2nd and 14 at their own 17. Mahomes finds Rashee Rice, who is taken down by Fred Warner for no gain. On 3rd and 14, Mahomes has to scramble and only picks up four yards. What a sequence by the 49ers defense!

Townsend’s next punt pins the 49ers at their 17.

Updated at 

Email from Justin Kavanagh:

Watching all the build-up, the fireworks, and the razzmatazz in Vegas tonight, I can’t help but picture a sullen-faced Roy Keane at home on his couch watching on and silently…FUMING. For American handball football exclusivists, Keane is the soccer player that Roy Kent is based on in the Ted Lasso series, a man who believes trophies should be presented to the winning captain in the dressing room. In private. Well after the game. How Roy must hate the Super Bowl!

It’s basically a hugely commercial enterprise, with a football game tacked on. I mean, a literal commercial enterprise: it’s the world biggest day in the advertisement world.

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 6:39, 1st quarter

Mitch Wishnowsky is on to punt. There’s another false start penalty that pushes them back five yards. Not great for San Francisco. Richie James catches the deep punt and takes it five yards to the Chiefs’ own 11.

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 6:42, 1st quarter

2nd and 17. Purdy passes to George Kittle for a first down gain! Except there’s a holding penalty, that’s back-to-back penalties on Williams who gets called by holding. That’s a 10-yard penalty. It’s now 2nd and 27. Purdy passes to McCaffrey, for an eight-yard gain. 3rd and 19. What a promising drive this could have been if not for Williams two penalties.

Purdy finds Samuel and that’s only 12 yards. 49ers will have to punt.

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 8:59, 1st quarter

Purdy finds Brandon Aiyuk for an 18-yard gain. They’re at the San Francisco 49.

On the next play, Deebo Samuel gets taken for a two-yard loss. 2nd & 12. Then they get knocked by a false start penalty on Trent Williams. That’s a five-yard penalty.

Email from Joe Pearson:


Wow! That is a deep cut.

Since this is my last day, I’m allowing myself a few references just for me.

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 10:16, 1st quarter

McCaffrey has only fumbled twice all season. What a horrific time for a third! On the first carry, Isiah Pacheco gets taken for a three-yard loss. On 2nd & 13, Patrick Mahomes finds Travis Kelce but he can only pick up a single yard. 3rd & 12, Mahomes finds McKinnon for eight yards which is not enough here after that opening sack. Tommy Townsend punts, which is caught by Ray-Ray McCloud at the San Francisco 24. Good job by San Francisco’s defense to make sure that the opening fumble didn’t hurt them.

Updated at 

Fumble! 49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 12:15, 1st quarter

Brock Purdy finds McCaffrey for 11 yards and another first down. They’re at the Kansas City 40. Another play, another McCaffrey first down. They’re already up to the Kansas City 29.

On the next play, McCaffrey fumbles and it’s recovered by Kansas City’s George Karlaftis. San Francisco fumbles away a golden scoring opportunity on the first drive of the game! Chiefs will have the ball at their own 27.

49ers 0-0 Chiefs, 14:24, 1st quarter

The 49ers start at their own 25. McCaffrey picks up six yards, On 2nd & 4, fullback Kyle Juszczyk picks up 18 yards to get to their own 49.

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