Ben Lloyd-Hughes Ranks Iconic Period Drama Heartthrobs

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Sam Cleal: Hi Ben! How are you doing?

Ben Lloyd-Hughes: I’m doing pretty well, thanks!

SC: How are you feeling about Sanditon coming to an end?

BLH: It’s very poignant and emotional. It’s been like one of those things where you know something’s come to an end, and you’re kind of reluctant to watch that final bit because you know that when you do, that’s it. Obviously it came out in America first and now it’s in the UK, and that’s been nice because it’s been slightly drawn out and everyone can appreciate it at different times.

I’ll always be really fond of the job and everything it meant – the character and the people. So it’s more of a smile because it happened, rather than cry because it’s over thing, you know? I just hope everyone enjoys it!

SC: Absolutely! That’s so lovely. Now, I’d love to play a sort of game with you if that’s okay?

BLH: Okay…

SC: You’re aware that Colbourne has now become a certified leading man heartthrob in the period drama genre, of course. Well, I’d like you to blind rank some other heartthrobs according to your own opinion, how does that sound?

BLH: It sounds like career suicide, honestly.

SC: But you’re up for it?

BLH: Oh yes, let’s do it!

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